1. Examples of NGM Services

5-1. Many Sales Managers, Salesmen and Service Engineers were searched as important European employees, because most of the clients, Japanese companies, are sales companies in Europe. The simpler the product they sell in Europe, the more complicated it becomes to combine the independent European sales people with the Japanese management culture into teamwork based on seniority.

5-2. A Sales Manager of a Food Sector with English, German, French and Dutch was directly searched from a competitor. In this industrial field, salesmen have big titles and behave independently in and out of their companies, as if they were in-company sales agents reporting directly to their owner presidents. NGM had a lot of difficulty in searching him, because a Japanese sales manager tried to keep the new sales manager under him regardless that he had bigger title than this Japanese, and because the customers belong to the salesman in Europe in this sector, but to the company in Japan where customers are visited by many levels of sales people of the company and the contribution is allotted in proportion to seniority, always stressing teamwork and cooperation to keep this system functioning. The client was a traditional Japanese company with a long history.

5-3. A Technical Support Dr. Engineer for design in sales of DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) was recruited from an affiliated company of Delphi Automotive, the biggest car parts supplier in the world. The engineer is a specialist in the treatment of car engine exhaust and acquainted with many car exhaust engineers of most of the big car manufacturers in Europe. She is an English and French speaking German.

5-4. A General Manager was directly searched from the Lexmark France sales directors as the top European of a sales company in France, who reports to the president of European headquarters in the Benelux countries.

5-5. A Japanese, English and Dutch speaking Secretary to the President of European headquarters was recruited. The search was very difficult, because there are few such women who are highly motivated to want this important position since they can earn as much as free lance interpreters.

5-6. A Home Office Sales Engineer of high quality small electric motors and controllers was recruited fortunately from a customer company, an IC-tester manufacturer, because the semiconductor industry was in a recession. The engineer has affluent products application know-how, which is very useful for technical consulting sales of these types of products. It is efficient to locate significant numbers of engineers working out of their homes independently in case of many widely distributed consulting sales.

5-7. An Electric Parts Sales Manager in southern Germany was almost recruited from a competitor. The client negotiated with him on an employment contract through e-mail for nine weeks without giving him a written form of employment confirmation with basic conditions. He left the competitor company after four weeks to join the client company in due time. He began to worry, if the headquarters in Japan had revised the European sales strategy resulting in not needing him any more. He feared unemployment. An American competitor called and asked him to join them after eight weeks. He agreed after only a week.

Oral announcement of employment was the way an employee was recruited in traditional Japan. It is merely a starting signal of negotiation for a European. He continues to job search. E-mail records can not be evidence of the company fs employment offer and will not help him in a compensation court.

NGM advised and warned the client again and again.

5-8. Two Machine Parts Home Office Engineers in central and southern Germany were recruited. One was from a competitor.

5-9. Two Computer Programmers for OA appliance integrated programs were recruited from London and Hong-Kong. The search was extended to Eastern Europe and South America, because of the tight supply-and-demand relation at this time.

5-10. A high level Robot Engineer of DaimlerChrysler was found to implement a discussion on technology trends of car manufacturing robots with a Japanese robot high-tech parts manufacturer.

5-11. A Strategic Japanese Staff Member to The President (a Japanese) of European headquarters for M&A of dealers in Europe was searched unsuccessfully. The client company has the biggest market share of its high quality consumer goods in almost all West European countries, and is still growing. There were a few suitable Japanese candidates from financial institutes in Europe, but all of them could not make their final decision in a timely manner because of their present task, even though they have a limited future there. They were typical Japanese.

5-12. A Japanese OA Appliance High-Tech Roller R&D Engineer was scouted for an R&D center in Rochester, New York, USA, of an American-European OA parts manufacturer. He was entitled to vice president. The biggest customer was XEROX, its headquarters located in Rochester.

5-13. Most of Japanese OA special parts manufacturers are overlooked because of their viewpoint on cooperation. A few of them were introduced later to negotiation with the client aiming at technology licensing or M&A.

5-14. A General Product Manager (38 years old) was scouted from Dornier Medizintechnik, the market leader of ultra-sound medical devices.

5-15. An Assistant Marketing Manager (a young lady) was recruited from a chocolate manufacturer in Cologne. Able, ambitious young female marketing graduates aspire to the marketing staff in the chocolate business, because chocolate product can be highly value-added through merchandising and marketing. Only accomplished cooks can figure out more value-added finishing of food.

5-16. A Coordinator of Marketing Activity in Europe in the digital imaging sector was recruited from a large scale European international distributor. He speaks English, German and Dutch.

5-17. A National Senior Sales Manager of diesel engines used in construction machines was directly searched from Perkins Diesel Engines to attack the German market with full power. About 70% of the German market has been occupied by two manufacturers, Deutz and Perkins, from which the client wished to recruit. There were only five salesmen in two suppliers, who visit customers directly by themselves. The recruited one was the youngest, 46 years old. The original search specifications wanted someone in the first half of their thirties. It was difficult to persuade the client fs headquarters in Tokyo that there were no more potential candidates even those who had been moved to other jobs after engaged in sales.

5-18. A Small Technical Sales Dealer of car parts with sales channels to DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen and ZF Friedrichshafen, was found to get into the German market of high quality specialty car parts related to power trains. Purchase departments of car manufacturers were contacted, and the lists of dealers and their reputations were obtained.

Finally a dealer of three engineer owners who worked before for German and French car manufacturers, was found. Fortunately this dealer had handled the same types of products until the maker began to deliver them directly a few years ago.

5-19. A Sales Director of Food was directly searched from a big American food conglomerate CPC (Corn Products Company), which is well-known with brand names, such as Phanni, Knorr, Malzena, Ubena, etc.

5-20. A Chief Test Engineer (49 years old manager) of a passenger car road test team, was directly searched from the Stock Car Racing Team Chief of GM Opel. He was a brake system specialist. The braking system was the weak point of all Japanese cars at that time. Every car maker, big or small, has only one road test team and that means, only one chief. About 15 test chiefs were contacted. Half of them could not speak English well enough. One thirds of them was too expensive or too old. The chiefs of Mercedes, BMW and Porsche were too proud to move to Japanese cars. Two of them were left to final decision. The younger one had good academic background and various experience working for a big consignment R&D institute. He was recommended to move to the new test course of the client in Japan to keep him until the next development, because there was no other road test experienced chief available at that time..

5-21. A Dr. Marketing Engineer of Optical Appliance was directly searched from the Fraunhoffer Institute, which is as famous as the Max Plank Institute, because high level consulting was necessary to universities and R&D institutes as customers.

5-22. An European Service Trainer of measuring appliance software was scouted luckily by searching software manias of many unknown small dealers. All of the equivalent trainers of competitors were more expensive and older compared with the search specification.

5-23. A Chief Country Manager in Vienna for High-Tech Consumer Goods was recruited by chance. He had just graduated from an American famous business school for one year, and was a former managing director of a company of the Metro group.

5-24. A Dealer of Brand Name Foods in Switzerland was searched, who should have had direct sales channels to both of the big supermarket chains there, that is, Migros and Coop.

5-25. Two Medical Devices Dealers in Stockholm and Malmoe of Sweden were found. At first NGM searched the hospital lists there, then asked corresponding sections of hospitals for dealer names that they usually contacted and their evaluation of them. It was impossible to search through gThe member books of chambers of commerce and industryh, because medical devices varied in technology, size, price, sales, and after sales service methods, and were handled as various types of side businesses.

5-26. A Potential Service Engineer of High-Tech Equipment in Madrid, was searched, because the buyer, Telefonica, purchased the equipment on condition that a service engineer would be stationed there. During the training period of the service engineer, the office search, service company set up, and import license acquisition of spare parts were carried out by NGM.

5-27. A Managing Director of a European R&D Center of a big Japanese pharmaceutical company was scouted from the top pharmaceutical R&D director of Bayer. There were about 15 such R&D heads in Germany. All of them were approached by NGM. A headhunter specializing in the pharmaceutical field could not contact all of the important people on the customer side without deteriorating his customer relations. His proposal was to search MROs (Medical Research Organizations) from the beginning.

5-28. Scheduling Recruitment through a yearly contract during rapid growth, was carried out for a company in the semiconductor industry. About half of the total 120 employees in all Europe were recruited in three years.

5-29. Doctor Prof. X of a state R&D institute was recruited as a consultant for a high-tech field company. His mission was to submit monthly reports, join monthly discussions with company specialists, carry out extra research on additional themes and attend conferences to ask specialists there what the client wanted to. The consulting fee was about the same as that of an average lawyer.

5-30. Riga in Latvia was the manufacturing center of tele communication appliances under the Soviet Union. Seventy percent of telephone exchanges and apparatus in the Soviet Union was manufactured there. There were big factories of tele-communication microchips with clean rooms, radio cassettes, compos, speakers, refrigerators, washing machines and various electric parts and devices. The factories had been much extended from the original AEG factories before the World War 2. Many Japanese companies were accompanied there by NGM, to verify, for example, whether they could assemble electric source devices of old and new various types of OA appliances.

5-31. Consignment production possibilities of spare parts of construction machines, cast parts of air conditioner compressors, structural parts of robots, etc. A search for a machine assembling factory with two 6m high 10ton ceiling cranes. A feasibility study of high quality cosmetics antenna shop in the Budapest city center including shop finding.



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