1. Types and Merits of NGM Services

1-1. Finding specific individuals is the main function of NGM services. It spans from direct search (scouting) of top and middle level managers, to the annual package contract of scheduled recruitment of many employees during a period of rapid growth of the organization.

Individuals recruited are sales managers, salesmen and service engineers as key persons of affiliated sales companies in Europe of Japanese manufacturers; managers and specialists of administrative departments such as accounting, general affairs, human resources, PR and EDP who are needed as the organization grows; high quality specialists and managers for R&D centers; specific companies and their representatives to negotiate contracts or agreements of agencies, dealerships, distributorships, consignment production, technology licensing, business cooperation and M&A. NGM services include key background research and arranging and implementing negotiations.

1-2. The key skill of NGM service is firstly to find and select individuals who have specific abilities and qualities, such as information, knowledge, authority, position, a career, education, language, culture, personality and human relations, and secondly to introduce them to you, the client, so that you can negotiate with them what they can offer you for what you can offer them. If you want to employ them, NGM service is recruitment. Most of NGM services involve the direct searches of optimal employees.

Ref. 1. NGM representative, Mr. Nagano, has worked long a time in the research field of a big Japanese international, steel and heavy-industry concern at the Marunouchi headquarters, at times dealing with industrial federations, ministry committees, and many research institutes, not only for the interest of his own company but for that of the industry and the nation. He has been in touch with the realities of information and human networkings and the research business in Europe at the Geneva Research Institute of a big American think tank. Stationed in Duesseldorf Office, he has been engaged in research on business possibilities in and around Europe and on procurement of finance, laborers, machine parts and devices visiting many countries including South Africa and Zimbabwe as a big source of chromium and manganese.

Information that will not be made public neither at present nor in the future, should be collected from individuals who have that information, by finding those people and hearing them, free, offering counter information or some sort of remuneration.@

In the past 15 years of NGM consulting, Mr. Nagano fs excellent skills at finding people has been fully utilized backed by his many years of research experience in Japan and Europe..

Ref. 2. The method of research, without technological measurement and experiment, can be classified into two phases, namely gDocumentationh and gHearingh. An average-scale research with a significant amount of documentation and hearing costs EUR 1~2 digits of million. The clients are usually states or international organizations. The research institute, which has completed such a research, modifies the object and proposes gMulti Client Researchh to related private companies utilizing already collected and depreciated information, with a fee of EUR 50~100 thousands and minimum number of 15 client companies. NGM service fee is usually under such level, and the service can be said gOriginal Spot Finding and Cconsultingh.